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Jon Lybrook is owner and chief developer of Tera Bear Consulting in Boulder Colorado.

How do I Encrypt my Email?

A more astute question is why encrypt email at all?  In this day and age of FBI cracking iPhones and other government agencies bullying large data and global/mobile  communication providers such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, to name just a few. These … Continue reading

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Updating pkg FreeBSD 10.1

So, if you’re installing or upgrading to the current FreeBSD OS 10.1-RELEASE branch, you’ve probably heard… The new preferred way to install open source packages is with the new package management tool, simply named ‘pkg’.  From the man page: pkg … Continue reading

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Package Update Purgatory on FreeBSD

Typically upgrades to a FreeBSD UNIX system are a breeze.  Packages are automatically checked for security updates that are emailed, letting you know they are available.  Occasionally things get messy however. and work-arounds must be employed. There are a number … Continue reading

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Why does a Web Developer Stoop to Using WordPress?

As a web developer, whenever saddled with a project – whether it’s for my own company or someone else’s, the first thing I try to do before writing a line of code is to write down all the requirements and … Continue reading

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