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Backups, Backups, Backups

One of my first jobs in the computer industry in the mid-90s was that of a Computer Operator. Now it sounds like a funny job title since, after all, who doesn’t operate a computer nowadays? It was, and still is, … Continue reading

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Google / Verizon Creates Email Problems on Android OS 4.3

A client visited me the other day at my request.  He had gotten a brand new Android phone from Verizon, running the latest OS 4.3, and could not connect to one of my company’s secure email servers using it.  I … Continue reading

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Why does a Web Developer Stoop to Using WordPress?

As a web developer, whenever saddled with a project – whether it’s for my own company or someone else’s, the first thing I try to do before writing a line of code is to write down all the requirements and … Continue reading

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